Practice and Game Info

> Practice will be held five nights per week during the first month prior to the first day of school
> Once the Howard County School District’s school year begins, practice will be held three nights per week for the duration of the season.

> Practice location is North Laurel Community Center fields;
The easiest way to get to the fields at NLCC is to enter by Laurel Woods Elementary School. Laurel Woods Elementary
School is located at 9250 N Laurel Rd, Laurel, MD 20723, once you arrive at the school make a left turn and drive all the way down, the field is on the left.
> Practice will be held between the hours of 6pm – 8pm.
The season will run through mid-November except for those teams that continue on to the post season.


Games are played every Saturday with away games requiring some travel. Make-up games will
be held at Mid-Maryland’s discretion based on field availability. Please try to be flexible with
make-up games. Please see the Football Fields information page for game field addresses.


The league has implemented two key changes in the rules for the 11-13 age group.

We now have a “Red Stripe” rule which simply means that if the child is between ages 11 – 13, they will be allowed to play at a maximum weight of 170 lbs but will be restricted to play only on the offensive and defensive lines; no specialized skill positions will be allowed!

The “Older-But-Lighter (OBL)” rule has been modified to reflect that 15 year old children can still play in this age group. This simply means that the child can turn 15 years old during the season. According to league rules, your child is considered to be whatever age they are as of the August 1st cutoff date. If the child has a birthday the day after the cutoff date, they are still eligible. If the child has a birthday anytime before the cutoff date, they will not be eligible to participate. The maximum OBL weight for the 11-13 age group is 135 lbs and the child will be allowed to increase their weight by 1 pound per week once the season starts. (The same rules still apply for 14 year olds).